Christophe Plays POP! Question 1 • Answers

So here are the answers and results for the ridiculously difficult CPPOP! Question 1.

The wonderful world of fan art.

Here are 10 lovingly rendered portraits of musical people, by their fans.
All you had to do was name them. The musicians, not the fans.

Jack White (I KNOW.)

Chris Martin (Coldplay)

Mad Donna

Brian May (Queen)

Janet Jackson


Dave Vanian (Damned)

Lana Del Ray

Brandon Flowers (Killers)

Lily Allen

Yes, yes, yes, it’s Jack White. What can I tell you?
Not Englebert Mercury after all…

So, here’s the leader board after Q1:

6 points
Mr. Dunn • Mr. Landi
5 points
Ms. Clements • 
Ms. Lancashire • Mr. Rothon • Mr. Young
4 points
Mr. Cleaver • Mr. Hoare • Mr. Redman • Ms. Renhard


You’re right, there’s a tie for first place. The tie-breaker is now underway, the result to be revealed soon.

Christophe Plays POP! ‘rules’ are here.


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  2. Lily Allen? Blimey..and I still think number 1 is Joan Armatrading. Jack White eh? Hmm

  3. James Mulvenna

    wow – the Eminem one was killing me!

  4. Anonymous

    I was sure Jack White was Freddie Mercury. Re Lily: nice rendition, just not a good likeness.

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