Christophe Plays POP! Question 3 • Scores

So here are the scores and judge’s comments about the musical food A-Z

Here’s the Q3 PODIUM:

1st place and this week’s prize-winner
Ms. Trendall (20 correct)
Stand-out reply: Mint Royale… watch Noel Fielding, getaway driver extraordinaire

2nd place
Mr. Dunn (19)
Stand-out reply: Pun of the round for the letter K – ‘Quiche
‘ (no, it DIDN’T score) 

3rd place
Mr. Landi (17)
Stand-out reply: T-Bone Walker – Lovely if a bit obscure
Ms. Renhard (17)
Stand-out reply: Las Ketchup – Thanks, Ms. R… Thanks so much for that.

4th place
Mr. McFadyen (17)
Stand-out reply: Eminem… I did say that spelling wasn’t critical :-P
Mr. Young (17)
Stand-out reply: MAGNUM! I’ve always got time for ‘Rocking Chair’. Oh lord.

5th place
Mr. Rothon (14)
Stand-out reply: Strawberry Alarm Clock – got to love a singing drummer

The duplications – losing you points – were:
E: Eels
K: Kid Creole and the Coconuts
L: Lemonjelly
M: Meatloaf (‘nul points’ indeed, Ms. Raincloud)
N: Neneh Cherry
T: Tangerine Dream
V: Vanilla Ice 


C P P O P !   L E A D E R   B O A R D

1st : Mr. Dunn (20) • Mr. Landi (20)
2nd : Mr. Redman
 • Ms. Renhard • Ms. Trendall (17)
3rd : Mr Rothon • Mr. Young (16)
4th : Mr. Cleaver (13)
5th : Mr. Laidlaw (12)

The rest of you are in my thoughts… just not on the leader board.

Christophe Plays POP! ‘rules’ are here.


  1. I was this close to submitting answers. But I got stumped as to whether answers including “BROTHers” would have counted? Jungle, Isley, Righteous, Chemical etc. would all have become available

  2. Ah, sorry, Mr, Devon… There were further clarifications in the comments box, including this: ‘… crowbarring food in where there is none is NOT acceptable, by which I mean this kind of thing: MartHA McHenry.’ BROTHers is borderline, but I would have probably judged it a no-no.
    Are you having a stab at the impenetrable Q4?

  3. Alas it is too tricky for me to be hopeful of even a single point.

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