Christophe Plays POP! Question 7 • Answers

16 album covers… which albums? Revealed here!

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Fine efforts from a fair few of you, but no one got all 16.
Poor Amy had you all stumped, as I suspected she might… mwa ha haa.

Q U E S T I O N   7   •   P O D I U M

1st = : Newcomer Mr. Atkins starts with a bang – 15 correct
1st =
: Mr. Laidlaw – welcome back! – 15 correct
1st = : Mr. Rothon – 15 correct
4th = : Mr. Dunn – 14
4th = : Mr. Redman – 14
4th = : Mr. Young – 14

The winners get an original screenprint by me, printed onto a genuine record cover.
So if Mr Atkins, Mr Laidlaw and Mr. Rothon would kindly furnish me with an address (by email), I’ll get them in the post.

C P P O P !   •   L E A D E R B O A R D

1st: Mr. Dunn (45)
2nd: Mr. Young (43)
3rd: Ms. Trendall (42)
4th : Mr. Landi (38)
5th: Mr. Redman (33)

The rest of you are in my thoughts… just not on the leader board.

CPPOP! ‘rules’ etc… here


  1. andy martin

    I had that Amy Winehouse down as a pair of denim dungarees – tchoh !

  2. James Mulvenna

    Nicely done… some great albums in there. Sorry no effort this week, was in US

  3. Next round, chaps, next round…

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