Christophe Plays POP! Question 9

It’s never too late to start CPPOP! Start gathering points at any stage to win prizes… c’mon!

Silly Wet Wet Wet*

15 silhouette-ouette-ouettes in fact…
But whose?

Name the 15 bands please…
*NB. Wet Wet Wet do NOT feature in these images, and are not affiliated with this quiz.

You want points?
All 15 correct : 10 points
More than 10 correct :  5 points
More than 5 correct : 2 points
More than none correct : 1 point!

You want a prize?
The winner gets an original artwork by me, a silhouette of any musician of their choice. In my own special way…

DEADLINE: Thursday 2 August at midnight BST

CPPOP! ‘rules’ etc… here


  1. Sally Bosley

    Since the images aren’t numbered*, dies that mean the answers don’t have to be in order, with blanks left for missing answers? The many, many missing answers? Or do they?

    • I’m sure I can figure out which bands your answers refer to, Ms. Bosley…
      If you’re really worried, you can hover your cursor over each picture to see the numbering.
      Thanking you.

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