Christophe Plays POP! Question 10 • Answers

Bignose? Now, stop with that name-calling!

The ten up-schnozzed musos were as follows:

Christina Aguilera

James Brown • Ed Sheeran


Matt Bellamy • Freddie Mercury

Beth Ditto

Damon Albarn • Mark Ronson

Dizzee Rascal

Look! Look!

The joint winners of this round with 5/10 – step forward Mr Cleaver and Mr. Dunn! – get a goody-bag of cool-looking stuff I’ve found (that’s right I’m clearing out the loft).

Q U E S T I O N  1 0  P O D I U M

1st= (5 points) : Mr. Cleaver and Mr. Dunn
3rd (3 points) : Mr. Atkins
4th= (1 point) : Mr. Mulvenna and Mr. Young

The observant among you will deduce that many Poppers found this round WAY TOO HARD.
I make a solemn promise to do my very utmost to make Question 11 phenomenally EASY.

C P P O P !  L E A D E R B O A R D

1st: Mr. Dunn (72)
2nd: Mr. Young (67)
3rd: Ms. Trendall (59)
4th : Mr. Landi (49)
5th: Mr. Redman (47)

The rest of you are in my thoughts… just not on the leader board.

What say you?

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