Christophe Plays POP! Question 12 • Answers

Here’s a tip-of-the-iceberg round-up of band/musician/clothing frints, then.

To recap: you were asked to provide me with the names of between 10 and 20 bands or musicians whose names ‘contain’ an item of clothing.

We had some fine, fine responses. The judging policy was left very vague, and indeed the final scores evolved from a mish-mash of rationales… uniqueness, stupidity and precision, mental picture painting, bathos, invention all scored to varying degrees…

Here’s 20 of the finer efforts from a range of players. In fact not all of these scored points – technical reasons – but they gave me a warm frinty feeling.

Shoexsie and the Banshees (pictured, above)
Flaming Slips
Emeli Sandal
Bachman Turner Overcoat
Wellie Furtado
Pulled Apart By Corsets
Death From A Glove 1979
The Nightie Wah!
Tearrings for Fearrings
PJs Harvey
System of a Gown
Garter the Unfloppable Socks Machine
Keck’s Midnight Runners
The Velvet Underpants
The Falmers Boys
The Socks Pistols
Captain Espadrille
Gloria Vest and Pants
One-sie Direction

Thanks then for those, and so many more…

Now to the results:
Mr. Dunn and Ms. Raincloud, who score 2 points each
Mr. Landi, who scores 3 points
Mr. Cleaver, who scores 5 points

and the outright winner is…
Mr. Martin, who receives 10 points!

Here’s a few of Mr. Martins finest moments:
The Disposable Heroes of Flip Floprisy
Harrington Levi
Ike & Tina Turnups
Muddy Waterproofs
Bob Marley and The Tailors
Massive Hat Tack
The John Spencer Shoes Explosion
The House of Glove

One of these will be fashioned into an image by my hand in the not too distant. What a prize!

Thanks to all for playing… see you at Question 13 soon.

C P P O P !  L E A D E R B O A R D

1st: Mr. Dunn (82)
2nd: Mr. Young (67)
3rd: Ms. Trendall (59)
4th: Mr. Cleaver (58)
5th: Mr. Landi (52)

The rest of you are in my thoughts… just not on the leader board.

What say you?

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