Now Apps What I Call Music

If only there was an app for your favourite album. Well, at least there’s now an app button.

Well, a picture of an app button.

Your favourite album not here, you say? I do requests, just ask me below…

A few of these are available as high quality giclée prints at The Rockpot.
There’s a set of postcards there too.

Oh, and T-shirts over at Red Bubble!


  1. Anonymous

    Love Kid A. Let me know when T Shirts are ready and if there is any chance of other accessories? Notebooks with plain or feint lines? Mugs? Metal tins for pens and pencils for desks, key rings? I’m throwing it out there . . . would love to buy a framed series of cards . . . . . . this would go down a storm at Sisters and Daughters . . such good presents for blokes and Dad’s who are so hard to buy for . . .

What say you?

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