If best-selling albums had been books instead…  Click on an individual tome to learn more about it.

Quote Garfield Quote O'Hagan

You can buy some of these as prints and postcards at The Rockpot.

Pretzel Logic loPrintMetallica Cover LoSupreme LoCome LoScott4BlueFinalLiteSilenceSafariRumours LoRain DogsPayback LoParanoid further lo


  1. verbose

    My favorite is definitely कोई बात नहीं by निर्वाण. Very elegant wit in that one.

  2. Adam

    Hi Chris, Love the Record Book images! You mind if I use these for a blog post, with proper credit and links back to your site?? Thanks! Adam

  3. These are brilliant. I can’t decide which is my favorite, they’re all so clever.

  4. I love this. Why is the second half of the list unclickable?

  5. Congrats, Chris, nice job! Greetings from Chile

  6. These are really cool but i wish either the flickr stream didn’t have the text over them or they were all here because there some i haven’t seen and would really like to see them all

  7. Brilliant work! I think my favourite so far is Born to Run but I love the look of the The Man Who Sold the Word and Let England Shake, hahah!

  8. How come some of the images aren’t clickable?

    These are great btw. As an avid music fan and a bookseller, these rock!

  9. davecrewe

    This is pretty fantastic. I think the “Bad” one is the best blend of design and the nature of the record, but there’s a lot of good ideas here.

  10. Love them. Very elegant and great fun. I have the highest admiration for anyone who can picture Dark Side of the Moon without the prism and yet still capture its essence in an image! ;-) I’m now trying to work out in my own mind whether it is a credit to the book jacket design business that the genres are so instantly recognisable or a sad reflection on it…..

  11. These are superb. I’m trying to do something vaguely similar – but with completely imaginary books. Your graphics skills put mine to shame though!

  12. Really like the graphics. Funny and nice and everything!
    jealous of those skills. More pls.

  13. This is great — “Are You Experienced?” made me laugh out loud. We’ll definitely be sharing this in our weekend links on Saturday.

  14. Just a quick echo of all the other praise for these. Blood on the Tracks as a pulp Jim Thompson paperback with the last 30 pages missing is my favorite, but they’re all amazing. Thanks.

  15. Thanks everyone for the kind words :-)

  16. Would love to see your interpretation of Rush songs or albums, like 2112 or Hemispheres.

  17. Great job! love the designs :) very creative

  18. AMAZING WORK! At soundsnletters, I write flash fiction based on songs that I like. If one day, I decide to publish a collection, you are definitely going to design the book cover! :) Can I reblog this on my blog? :)

  19. I’m going to the used bookstore now! I’ve got to have these books.

  20. Han

    This is a work of sheer genius. The covers work on so many levels! Queen and murder mysteries…both are hugely popular but not always considered “high art”.

    Did you draw all the images? Or was photoshop part of the it?

    • Hello Han. Thanks for your kind words :-)

      Some images are almost entirely created from scratch, some are almost entirely taken from the real world, all the rest are somewhere inbetween :-)

  21. Khyber

    Great idea, great art, great everything! You should do something with Depeche Mode.

  22. Kathi

    These are really great – witty and entertaining and original. Found this page via your version of Scott 4, which has been posted on the FB page for SW. Are you open to suggestions for album titles to convert? – or is inspiration strictly from within?

    • Hi Kathi, thanks :-)

      I love to hear suggestions of albums to bookify, let me know.
      Also could you copy me the link to the Scott Walker facebook page? (There’s a few on there!)


  23. Kathi

    Just type ” Scott Engel (Walker) ” into the searchbox on Facebook, that will get you there. As for suggested titles, I’ll have another look at your list first before coming up with a couple.

  24. These are absolutely fantastic. Well done!

  25. Very Cool! I want to read some of these. Hard to pick my favorite, maybe Purple Rain.

    Thanks for sharing.

  26. Mark

    So good it’s untrue!
    ‘Pet Sounds’ made me laugh out loud.

  27. Desecration! A further disregard of archaic album art.

  28. Great idea, humor, and execution Christophe!

  29. This is just wonderful. I loved each one! The idea on itself was already great, but what you did with that is beyond amazing. Cheers, Christophe! :)

  30. This is a great series, there’s just such a great range of styles in here that hit the mark perfectly. Proper labour of love.

  31. Anonymous

    Absolutely fabulous.
    Please do David Bowie’s, ‘Space Oddity’.
    If Rockpot make it into a screen print, I’d buy it.

  32. FELICITACIONES, I Love when a
    desing work is so great and creative that make me smile (from a Chilean Designer)

  33. Richard

    Great Designs. Received my prints i ordered today and they’re perfect! Soooo happy with them. May I suggest a few albums? How about Stiff Little Fingers – Inflammable Material. Nirvana – Nevermind or The Verve -Urban Hymns? Would love to see what you came up with if you do! Keep creating!

  34. Jai

    Just mind-bogglingly brilliant. That Commando look for Dire Straits (Every Man has to Die!), Koi Baat Nahin, the failed Elektra line. Too good.

  35. Not sure where to start – but this is as close to utter genius as it gets! I know you’ve already done a Pixies one, but would love to see what you could do with ‘Doolittle’, my most favourite album of all-time.

  36. What nothing by the Smiths? (Unless I missed it) – The Queen is dead perhaps or Meat is murder? Brilliant, love and sharing with everyone I know and some perfect strangers.

  37. Anonymous

    I think these are just wonderful and clever.

  38. Sweet! The ultimate collection for those who are both music geeks and bookworms.

  39. Brendan Casey

    Fantastic! A big mention to Kevin Cummins for posting this link on Twitter, otherwise I’d have been blissfully unaware of these. I’ve just purchased both sets of postcards as an investment for my 7yo. Oh, and for me to stare longingly at. Brilliant stuff, I am in awe!

  40. Brendan Casey

    Oh, a good one for me would be Alien Lanes by Guided By Voices (or anything by GBV with their obscure album titles).

  41. Grant Templeton

    Fantastic pieces on here. My wife has just bought me a Power, Corruption and Lies print for my birthday and I’m properly over the moon. Now waiting for Christmas and planning on dropping some heavy duty hints to the rest of the family

  42. Love these. I’m getting some for our studio. I know everyone has suggestions for more….here are mine.
    Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent, Slippery When Wet by Bon Jovi, and Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower…all remained as trashy, pulpy paperback romance stories.

  43. Thanks spellcheck. That was supposed to be “reimagined”, not “remained”.

  44. amazing work! i hope you’ll make movie to album art next time.

  45. Hi there, You’ve done an incredible job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I am confident they will be benefited from this web site.

  46. Good post! this list of books are great. this list of books will help the readers to choose from different books and enjoy reading them and appreciate them.

  47. Alistair

    Still hoping for a Kristin Hersh/Throwing Muses one – there’s a few to choose from! :o)

    • Ahhh… yes. Ummm… perhaps after my ‘The Record Books’ show at Rough Trade East, Brick Lane, London 29th Oct 7pm-9pm (then exhibiting for 3 weeks! ;-)

  48. Alistair

    She’s there the night before, you need to sneak it in quickly for that :o)

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