The Record Books • The Stone Roses

A dry history of the 15th century revolving around twin sisters, Maria and Emily Arkwright, separated by the Wars of the Roses. The library card within remains unstamped.

The Record Books : if best-selling albums had been books instead…


  1. Anonymous

    Hi from mexico city, i want to buy Ok Computer Print Limited Edition….How??

    • Hello Mexico!
      I can make OK Computer available at The Rockpot very easily as an Art Print (A3 or A2), but if you really want a Limited Edition version you are in luck as I was already preparing to print these by hand in the next couple of weeks.

      Let me know if you want an Art Print (and what size) and I will set it up straightaway.
      Let me know if you prefer a Limited Edition and I will tell you when it’s done!


  2. Anonymous

    I think you mean the Wars of the Roses? The English Civil War was was a bit later…..

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