The winner of the tie-breaker for Question 1, in which Mr. Dunn and Mr. Landi were required to draw a musician of their choice… is Fig 2 below, Daniel Ash from Bauhaus, by Mr. Dunn.
Mr. Dunn garnered 67% of your votes, compared to 33% for Mr. Landi’s worthy portrait of Nicki Minaj.

Fig 1

Fig 2

Mr. Dunn, therefore, makes off with three bonus points, the glory of winning the inaugural round of CPPOP! here at ceegworld, and this week’s prize: a set of my Now Apps What I Call Music postcards.
O, lucky man!

One comment

  1. Anonymous

    I’m very App-y with my prize. Respect to Herr Landi whose use of the pink glow was, in my opinion, masterly.

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