Christophe Plays POP! Question 3

Welcome to the third round of the all-new CPPOP! quiz. It’s good. Tell your friends. Ok, tell a friend. Just… Ok, annnnyway:

The CPPOP! ‘rules’ can be found here.

♪  ♬  We’re going down to Alphabet Street  ♫ ♩
In particular, the food outlets.

For you newcomers (you are the Poppets I love the most) here’s how this works:

You need to come up with a well-known band or artist with an item of FOOD in their name – one for every letter of the alphabet (or as many letters as you can manage).

Your answers should look like this:

A – Abba
B – Beatles
C – Coldplay
D – David Bowie
etc etc

EXCEPT all 26 answers you come up with have to have an item of FOOD in their name… you know, like, errr… The LEMONheads. (I’ve used them as an example, so you can’t use them now. Just as well… they were rubbish)

You will score points as follows:
More than 5 correct, you score 1 point
More than 10 correct, you score 2 points
More than 15 correct, you score 5 points
More than 20 correct, you score 10 points
More than 25 correct (in other words, the maximum of 26), you score 15 points
The Poppet with the most correct answers will win the week’s prize.

AHHHH, but here’s the catch.
Should more than five of you answer with the same artist/band for the same letter, that answer will not count to your total. You are therefore advised, perhaps, to go for a less obvious selection of answers,
but BEWARE… If an answer is deemed by CPPOP! to be too obscure then it, too, will be discounted.
Pick carefully, then, which foodstuffs you put in your basket as you head towards the checkout…

NOTA BENE : Please refer to comments boxes below for further clarifications.

DEADLINE : Tuesday 22 May 2012 by midnight (BST)

Answers, in this format…
A – Artist/band name
B – Artist/band name
C – etc…
…if you wouldn’t mind:


  1. Sally Renhard

    Christophe, clarification, if you will.
    If a band were called Doctor Mustard, could they be a D or and M? Only an M cos that’s the food word?
    If Mr Dando’s PERFECTLY LOVELY band was called the Lemmonheads, would that still count?
    Are you pro or against puns ie would Beverley CraveHam be unacceptable here?
    Because obviously I need to edit this list down to just 26, somehow, so I’m going to need a steer from you.

    • Hello Ms. Renhard and thank you for your query.

      • Doctor Mustard would qualify for D and for M, yes, but specifically because M is the food word. Doctor Benjamin Mustard would not qualify for B, for example.
      • Slight spelling defects are permissible.
      • Puns are technically discouraged, but would be judged on a case by case basis. A really funny pun is often worth a point at CPPOP!
      NB While we’re here, let me say now that crowbarring food in where there is none is NOT acceptable, by which I mean this kind of thing: MartHA McHenry.

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  3. David Rothon

    One more clarification, s’il vous plait: Would, for example, Martha HAMble; likewise, The Dolls of HAMble, were there such artistes, be allowable?

    • Hello Mr. Rothon and thank you for your pursuit of specific clarification.

      The subtleties of this issue are very fine. I would be very reluctant to accept either of your examples, as one feels that the ham is merely an artificially highlighted section of another word; hamble. In the alternative example ‘The Dolls of Hamchester’, on the other hand, the ham feels like a complete word, playing its part in a traditionally composed composite word; ham/chester.

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