Christophe Plays POP! Question 5

It’s never too late to start CPPOP! Start gathering points at any stage to win prizes… c’mon!
Ease yourself in with this simple INTROS round…

Play the vid to hear the introductions to 10 songs.
Enjoy the marvellous Mr. Manilow… he is there simply to add his summery magic to your experience – rest assured NONE of his tunes will be featured.

Answers in the box below, please… 10 song titles and 10 bands.

The winner of the round will receive a prize – this week it is a rather wonderful screenprint: 3 birds.
One of my own unique* copies. Yes, a generous and valuable item!
And, naturally, points scored will go towards your grand total, putting you in line for big prizes. Wow.

More than 5 correct: 1 point
More than 10 correct: 2 points
More than 15 correct: 5 points
20 correct: 10 points! 

DEADLINE: Wednesday 6 June at midnight BST

CPPOP! ‘rules’ etc… here

*unique meaning it went a little bit wrong. But in a good way, ok?

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  1. Anonymous

    audibly, nice round x

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