Christophe Plays POP! Question 7

It’s never too late to start CPPOP! Start gathering points at any stage to win prizes… c’mon!

16 shells…
Here’s a record sleeve homage to U2’s Achtung Baby, sort of (I realised after I’d finished it).
BUT which 16 albums is it made from? Which?!
(NB. each piece of this collage is positioned exactly where it appears on its original sleeve)

Please use the Answer box below…

All 16 correct : 10 points
More than 10 correct :  5 points
More than 5 correct : 2 points

The winner gets an original screenprint by me, printed onto a genuine record cover. Cool!
DEADLINE: Thursday 28 June at midnight BST

CPPOP! ‘rules’ etc… here


  1. Bill

    OWWW My head hurts. This was such a challenge! Good on ya.

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