Christophe Plays POP! Question 8

It was R. Dean Taylor who said…

So… where?
Each location is a SONG TITLE.

1. Where, in London, lives a lad who’s planning on forgoing alcohol and casual sex and then buying somewhere else to live?
2. What swampish location – of a particular hue – is home to playful catfish?
3. Where has the milk delivery service been discontinued, much to the distress of one hundred women?
4. Which establishment destroys hard-up young men’s lives?
5. Where did a passionate northern pair go rough and tumbling in the grass, despite the weather?
6. Which West Coast lodging has mirrors on the ceiling and voices down the corridor?
7. Where can businessmen be found drinking a joker’s wine?
8. Where can you buy a poppy from a nurse?
9. Where do the lights change from red to green and back again over two days?
10. Which public space is home to a disintegrating cake?
11. Where might one escape from poisonous rain, on a plain?
12. In which city is one required to sport flora, particularly on the head?
13. Which US State had intermittent problems with lighting failure?
14. Where’s the place to go when it’s tar-meltingly hot?
15. Like a celeb – that’s how you’d like to roll… but where?
16. Which conurbation has attractive females and regulation-coloured lawns?
17. Where are you guaranteed to live one day, watching the stars and the city lights?
18. Which Greek island has the potential power to resolve problems through the intensity of its sunshine?
19. Which rooms will change your mind?
20. Where have they had to shut down the night spots due to difficulties getting acts to play there?

20 song titles, please.

One point per location discovered. All points to be added to your grand total (see CPPOP! for more details)

The winner will receive a selection of postcards from a variety of locations.

Deadline: Wednesday 11 July at midnight BST


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  2. Flipping heck. That is tough…

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