Christophe Plays POP! Question 11

Welcome, poppets, to Question 11! Yes, yes, yes… I know it’s been a while. I’m sorry, OK?

To make up for the delay I have employed
a clever time-saving device to quicken this round up.

You see, it’s an intros round, but to save time I’ve put them all together! Clever, huh?
Click on the play button below to hear all the intros at the same time. For your convenience – perhaps at the cost of your listening pleasure – the intros have been superimposed and looped.

You’ll be amazed how many you can pick out!

Jot down as many as you can in the answer box below and you’ll get a point for each one you get right!
The winner receives a selection of 7″ singles plucked from my fine collection. Come on, vinyl is so in right now! I, er, I just don’t listen to it myself.

All points to be added to your grand total (see CPPOP! for more details)

Deadline: Wednesday 10 October at midnight BST

What say you?

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