Christophe Plays POP! Q11 Answers

Hello there. Well, how did you get on with all those intros mashed together?

Ok, so there were 10 intros intermittently superimposed on top of an eleventh which looped round and round all the way through. Have another listen and you will hear:

• The Kinks : You Really Got Me (de-nana nu na! de-nana nu na! on the guitar)
• Radiohead : No Surprises (ning (ning) nang (nang) ning (ning) nang (nang)…)
• Prince : When Doves Cry (quirky brief wig-out guitar)
• Gnarls Barkley : Crazy (four hard beats in a row, on the bass and the snare)
• Public Enemy : Bring the Noise (“Too black… too strong…”)
• Pixies : Debaser (Bass guitar… dungdungdungdung, dongdongdongdong, dangdangdangdang, dongdongdongdong…)
• David Bowie : Fashion (whirrup/whirrup/whirrup/whirrup/whirrup/…lengthy deep guitar grinding grumble…)
• Wham : Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (…”Jitterbug!”)
• Prefab Sprout : Appetite (lengthy Fairlight synth-heavy twiddles punctuated with cymbal crashes…) Yes, annoyed a few of you, I think…
• Green Day : 21 Guns (whiney four note theme, repeated) YES, IT’S THERE! LISTEN HARDER!

… All on a tickytocky bed of Blondie’s Heart of Glass.

Go on, listen again…

You got a point for each one you got right, and the winner receives a selection of 7″ singles plucked from my fine collection. So who IS that lucky winner?

Well, the spoils will be divided between CPPOP! veteran (and current overall leader) Mr Dunn and relative newcomer Mr Walske! Well done, fellows! A grab-bag of vinyl is yours for the asking…

Q U E S T I O N   1 1   P O D I U M
1st= : Mr. Dunn and Mr. Walske (8)
3rd= : Mr. Cleaver and Mr. Laidlaw (7)
5th= : Mr. Atkins and Ms. Weir (6)

Everyone’s points have been added to your running total (see CPPOP! for more details)

C P P O P ! L E A D E R B O A R D

1st: Mr. Dunn (80)
2nd: Mr. Young (67)
3rd: Ms. Trendall (59)
4th: Mr. Cleaver (53)
5th: Mr. Landi (49)

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  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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