Christophe Plays POP! Question 12

It’s never too late to start CPPOP! Start gathering points at any stage to win prizes… c’mon!

Question 12 takes the form of a frinting round. For those of you who facebook, I encourage you to visit the Frints facebook group to get a good idea of what frinting is all about.
It’s a joy, it really is.
• In the meantime – and if you’d rather just get on with it – here’s what you have to do: provide me with the names of between 10 and 20 bands or musicians whose names ‘contain’ an item of CLOTHING.
• In frinting tradition, the more inventive the twisting of the name in order to accomodate the item, the better. Or worse.
• Here’s a few suggestions, so you get the idea…
CAPtain Sensible (very straightforward – ok)
The Tygers of PANTS Tang (a delicate tweak – better)
SHOEpertramp (nicely cringeworthy – best)
• You will be judged on quality as well as quantity. 10 beautifully twisted answers may well score higher than 20 straightforward responses…. I’ll see how I’m feeling. But you WILL score points. The winner will receive an artist’s impression* of their best sartorial imposition.
Your time starts now. Please use the Answer box below…

DEADLINE: Friday 9 November at midnight BST

CPPOP! ‘rules’ etc… here

* That means me. And yes, that is Uggy Pop, above.

What say you?

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